Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad

Remote Control Helicopter Landing PadThe Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad offers avid remote control helicopter pilots a place to practice landing skills. Do you ever fly at night and need somewhere to land your delicate RC helicopter safely in the dark?

The Eagle Pro Helipad for remote control helicopters is the ideal solution for you!

It contains LED lights which brightly illuminate the remote control Helipad at night, for a clear, safe landing.

Aside from its great look, the Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad provides a safe, sturdy landing spot for Quadcopters and remote control helicopters, and can transform any soft surface into a landing spot, protecting your expensive helicopter remote control from unsafe landing zones.

The remote control Helipad can accommodate helicopters up to 25 inches long, and several can be assembled together to land larger craft.

Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad Features:

  • Assembled from high quality plastic; safe, strong landing spot for RC helicopters, quadcopters and drones.
  • Personalizable with 20 included stickers, including traditional blue or yellow H, or a red medical H.
  • 4 high powered LEDs for easy low light landings.
  • 4 elevated legs, transforming unstable ground into a solid landing spot.
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime guarantee.

Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad Description

Made from high quality plastic, this Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad is manufactured from solid, high quality plastic. It consists of a main elevated landing platform, 4 side panels and 4 legs which assemble to form a sturdy lifelike helipad.

RC Heli PadIf you’re looking for the ideal product to safely land your remote control helicopter, the Eagle Pro Helipad is ideal. Suitable for soft ground and low light landings, this Helipad is a great gift for any avid remote control pilot.

What we Liked Most about the Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad

The four lights powered by a 9 volt battery (not included) are a nice touch, especially at night in a darkened room. The landing pad comes with a sheet of decal stickers that includes one for an urban hospital, one for a Medivac and one for the Air Force.

What we Did Not Like about the Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad

Some people found that the side bars were a little hard to get on and that the battery compartment was a little too big. This can be easily adjusted but it is still a little annoying. Other than those issues, this landing pad is a great addition to your remote control helicopter collection.

Helipad order link: Eagle Pro Helipad

More about the Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad

RC Heli Pad4This is such a cool helipad for your remote control helicopter collection. It lights up and the best part is that you can add the stickers to customize the helipad. 

The remote control helicopter landing pad will become a great addition at your house. It provides an area to practice landings and take offs with your RC helicopter.

This helipad even looks great with the lights on in a darkened room making it a little more difficult to practice your landings.

It is easy and fun to put together and applying the stickers to make it your own. As well this helipad comes with extra stickers which when one wears out your can add another one.

This helipad makes for a nice little trick to flying a remote controlled helicopter!

I definetly recommend this helipad to any one who enjoys flying helicopters as this is a nice landing pad and makes flying a little more fun to practice landings!

Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad Video:

Helipad order link: Eagle Pro Helipad


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