Quadcopter Remote Control Car

The future has arrived with this Quadcopter Remote Control Car! You will be able to cruise along the ground in Land Mode as a race car driver and shift automatically to a pilot when you are ready for takeoff.

This is the first of its kind and it’s made by Syma, a renowned manufacturer of remote control vehicles. This remote control vehicle converges the fun of a remote control car and the thrill of flying in an easy to use format. This model is great for beginners. 

Land mode is automatically activated when the car is on the ground and Fly mode when up in the air. With all the features of popular quads including a 2-speed mode, one button 360 degree flip, the X9 Quadcopter RC Car doubles the fun and function in one.

Quadcopter Remote Control Car Features

  • First ever flying car introduced by Syma
  • Land mode: Functions as a remote control car with 2-speed mode
  • Fly Mode: Functions as a quadcopter with 2-speed mode, 360 degree flip
  • Exclusive green and black flames painted on the body
  • 2X 3.7v 600 mAh battery

Quadcopter Remote Control Car Order Link: RC Car and Quadcopter

More about the Quadcopter Remote Control Car:

Quadcopter Remote Control CarThis drone car is tons of fun. It is pretty easy to get a hang of but their will be some crashes so be carful where you choose to fly.

The box does come with four extra blades in case one or two breaks. It also came with an extra battery which is a huge plus! Droid batteries never seem to last long enough so it is great to have an extra to continue the play a bit longer.

Most people find the car is easier to control and a good starting tool before flying it!

This quadcopter drone is way too much fun. The controller keeps track of the battery life which is very helpful because people report getting totally involved when playing with this drone.

This Quadcopter Remote Control Car also comes in Matte Black with Yellow Flames.

Syma X9 Flycar Drone Car Drive Flight Test Review Video:

Quadcopter Remote Control Car Order Link: RC Car and Quadcopter

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