Remote Control Flying Shark

Okay, this isn’t a remote control helicopter but it is a remote control toy. This remote control flying shark is a great idea for a kid’s party or to scare your friends when they aren’t looking.

The Remote Control Air Swimmers Flying Shark seems to swim through the air. Now you can add some fun to any party!

Remote Control Flying Shark Features

  • Shark balloon measures 57 x 36 Inches
  • Requires helium to float
  • Can be re-inflated over and over

Remote Control Flying Shark Description

Air Swimmers SharkThis balloon makes a great gift for children from eight years and up! Or for the kid in all of us.

It’s a helium-filled Great White Shark balloon that you can maneuver through the air via remote control. It will swim from room to room with lifelike shark motion.

Realistic graphics team up with easy steering in any direction. It definitely adds some fun to a party.

The body is made of tough nylon material that stays inflated for weeks. The remote offers full up, down and 360 turning control. The shark requires four AAA batteries (1 in the body, 3 in the controller). Just fill it with inexpensive helium that you can get at any party store, florist shop or grocery store that carries balloons. This balloon is for indoor use only.

Remote Control Flying Shark Order Link: Air Swimmers Flying Shark

Now if you don’t want the shark how about the Remote Control Flying Clownfish. The Clownfish is another remote-controlled balloon and will move left to right with fish like tail movements.

Remote Control Flying Clownfish Features

  • Air Swimmers ClownfishHas a 40-Foot flight range
  • Clownfish measures 57 x 36 Inches
  • Requires helium to float – can be re-inflated over and over
  • Stays inflated for up to two weeks.
  • Requires four AAA Batteries (one in the body, three in the controller)

Remote Control Flying Clownfish Description

This balloon is surprisingly easy to control because it “swims” so slowly. You should be able to use it within a few minutes of practice. It uses infrared so it works on line of sight. It cannot be used out of doors, even in near windless conditions but it will work beautifully indoors.

Remote Control Flying Clownfish Order Link: Air Swimmers Flying Clownfish

These air swimmers can be a lot of fun. They are not hard to put together if you follow the instructions. You should probably test the remote before you fill the balloon with helium however.

Air Swimmers Video:

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