Hubsan Original Mini RC Quadcopter

If you are looking for a mini RC quadcopter, then the Hubsan NANO Q4 H111 4-CH 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter might be a great little copter for you. The manual is clear and straight forward. It covers the installation of the battery, layout and function of the conrols on the remote and the calibration procedure as well as how to start-up the quadcopter. It even talks about fine-tuning the controls for direct and how to perform flips. There is also a section on trouble shooting.

This mini RC quadcopter is a palm sized, about 4 1/2 inches long. It will fly for around five or six minutes and takes about 20 minutes to charge. 

Mini RC Quadcopter Features

  • High quality and durable in performance
  • This Quadcopter is palm size
  • Suitable for children over 14 years old
  • Cute light body design
  • Super stable flying experience
  • Has LED lights that looks great when flying in a dark area

Hubsan Original Mini RC Quadcopter Order Link: Mini Remote Control Quadcoper

More about the Hubsan Mini RC Quadcopter:

Mini RC QuadcopterThe Hubsan Mini RC Quadcopter is easy, stable, cheap, and tough. What more could you ask for in a starter quadcopter? Great for flying indoors.

You might want to order a few extra batteries as they last about 10-12 minutes and a bunch of replacement propellers to have the best experience with this quadcopter.

This quad-copter is awesome for a mini drone. You will find that you can’t stop playing with it.

It flies very stable and is easy to handle. You should probably use some prop protectors as you will probably crash a few times and may damage the propellers.

This is a great mini quadcopter if you want to have some fun flying one indoors or even outdoors when there is no wind.

Hubsan Original Mini RC Quadcopter Video:

Hubsan Original Mini RC Quadcopter Order Link: Mini Remote Control Quadcoper

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