U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC Helicopter

The Missile Launching RC Helicopter is something unique in a remote control helicopter. In fact, the U809 Cobra Missile Launching 3.5 channel Remote Control Helicopter has a lot to offer and is a lot of fun to fly.

This RC helicopter has two missile launchers that are located on the left side and right side of the machine. As well it has a built-in gyroscope for improving the stability and performance of this helicopter. 

You will be able to fly this helicopter easily because it is supported by a gyroscope. It has full movement control, including down, up, right, left, backward, and also forward.

Missile Launching RC Helicopter Features:

  • Built in Gyroscope for extreme stability and precision
  • Two missile launchers (left/right release buttons)
  • Turbo Mode: allows helicopter to accelerate in speed
  • 3.7V 160mah Rechargeable Battery (Included)

U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC Helicopter Description:

U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC HelicopterThe RC helicopter comes complete with fully assembled helicopter, remote control transmitter, 6 missile launchers, bonus tail blade and USB charge cord. In addition, there is the turbo mode option.

With the push of a button on the remote control, the helicopter will accelerate in speed! With another push of the button, you can launch the missile! Also comes with colorful military tank paper stand as a target!

What We Liked Most about the U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC Helicopter

This is a very cool remote control helicopter since it actually shoots missiles using a remote control trigger on the control unit. Besides being fun to fly, this helicopter is well made.

What We Did Not Like about the U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC Helicopter

Rotating left and right is very responsive but forward and reverse takes about five seconds to kick in after you move the control. Also, the directions that came in the box are not easy to understand since they were probably translated from another language.

Remote control order link: U809 Cobra Missile Launching Remote Control Helicopter

More about the U809 Cobra Missile Launching RC Helicopter

Missile Launching RC HelicopterThis helicopter is a lot of fun but can be a bit hard to fly at first.

The battery life of the charger is about 45 minutes.

It can be charged through the controller or through USB (cord is included). The missiles work great as well.

The Cobra Missile Launching RC helicopter is fast once you get used to flying it.

Forward motion is fast in both modes. At least faster than other RC helicopters.

UDI U809 Cobra Micro Helicopter Test Flight 01 Video:

Remote control order link: U809 Cobra Missile Launching Remote Control Helicopter

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